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Who we are

The Community Energy Markets Group™ is led by Swanbarton Limited, the internationally respected energy consultancy company. Swanbarton works with leading companies and groups to develop concepts to enable the growth of Community Energy Markets through the development of products and services.

Our group has the expertise and experience gained from approaching engineering, science, software development and project management from a number of business sectors.

What we do

Our work started with some discussions about a better way to run the Smart Grid, and after writing a few papers and articles and talking to several experts in the Smart Grid arena, we decided to do something more about this. 

Starting with our own investment, we created business models and simulations of peer to peer trading. We have now developed hardware demonstration models and are sharing experience and knowledge with others. We work with leading companies, including the Distribution Network Operators, in order to develop our products and move along the path to commercialisation.

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