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We believe that there is a better way of buying and selling energy at the community level. We imagine a future where individuals can directly trade electricity with other local community members.  We should have a local electricity market, or a local energy market available to all. 

Collective action is needed to put power back into the hands of individuals and communities. There are a range of possible technical solutions, many of which can work together effectively. We want to provide an inclusive platform for all those interested in, working in and researching community energy. Networking events, conferences and a central forum are all part of the plan.


As part of our vision, we are also developing our own peer to peer trading system - the eBay of electricity. This link explains our idea for creating a free and fair local electricity market.

A market is the process by which buyers and sellers establish the prices of goods and services. However, we are positioned so that we’re forced to accept the price proposed by the seller. We see that when we go to the supermarket, buy fuel for our car, purchase a newspaper or buy an airline ticket.

Strangely, we also accept a fixed price for our electricity, at least for most domestic and many smaller industrial and commercial customers. But we are told that the cost of electricity is very dependent on the time of production. 

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